Our Accomplishments

Library Murals

  • Maintaining Topeka High museum collections in Heritage Room/ THSHS office
  • Involvement in the replication of fallen auditorium chandelier
  • Restoration of David Overmyer mural in THS library
  • Successful fund raising campaign to restore and repair Mulvane Chimes
  • Assisting with restoration of THS Classical Room
  • Assisting in the celebration of Topeka High’s 125th Anniversary (1871-1996)
  • Assisting in the restoration of stained glass windows
  • Organizing the 75th Building Anniversary (2006)
  • Mounting plaques throughout the school identifying rooms with 1931 pictures
  • Commissioning and installing Hall of Fame and Heritage room doors
  • Commissioning of Korean/Vietnam memorial
  • Bronze plaque memorial commissioned for E.B. “Buck” Weaver and D.L. “Heavy” Erwin
  • Co-Sponsoring the Rambler/Trojan Panel Discussion in October 2009
  • Coordinating the replication and restoration of 24 Student Cafeteria Chandeliers in 2009
  • Facilitated the installation & dedication of the Trojan Statue (2011)
  • Coordinated the installation of the Woodward Library Flickinger Murals (2015)
  • Fundraised and facilitated the remodeling of the THS Historical Society Paul Fink Museum and Office (2015)
  • Refurbished the Room 306 Laura Ewing Classical Room Chandeliers (2015)

Future Projects


  • Reopening access to the Tower (replacing stairs)
  • Refinish exterior building light fixtures on the veranda
  • Install new carpet, paint and lighting in Cavalier Room
  • Restore front foyer walls to original surface
  • Restore wood graining in the Student Cafeteria
  • Continue repair and restoration of original furniture, ($300 per chair, $650 per table)
  • Produce a full-feature Topeka High Documentary using more 1930 Construction footage and recent video – $20,000 (see Construction of THS DVD)
  • Restore Student Cafeteria fireplace to working order – $40,000
  • Commission restoration of Teachers’ Cafeteria David Overmyer Mural
  • Library ceiling stenciling restored
  • Refinish light fixtures in the debate room
  • Copy and display Williamson Architectural drawings of THS – $3,000 pivotal exhibitor wall display
  • Addition of performing arts space, lecture space, classroom & costume storage
  • Interior paint analysis of major rooms and entrance foyer – $10,000