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CONGRATULATIONS to Topeka High School's Webmaster, Emma Hubka, senior, on being selected as a 2018 Winner for the Western Missouri and Kansas Affiliate Award for Aspirations in Computing from the National Center for Women in Information Technology! She received her award at a formal ceremony at the Kauffman Conference Center in Kansas City on February 9, 2018.


Leader. As our Webmaster, this year, she was chosen to be our student-leader due to her coding skills and ultra-accuracy requirement of all things she is a part.  She has learned that her high expectations are a step above most others. One of the challenges she has faced is to get the team to perform at her level. She is learning how to talk to the students about how to keep achieving higher quality work. She encourages them to keep doing the project until it is the best it can be.


Immersed in Learning. Emma seeks out a variety of experiences to gain additional knowledge in various aspects of computer applications. She has done easy things such as setting up Google Sites for a number of teachers and creating a Keynote presentation for a client. But she has also spent time creating an app for Community Resources. She and another student teamed up to create this app that is currently being refined by another student so it can be used by the Topeka area residents.

Emma has also been involved with an international phone app coding competition.


Experienced beyond Peers. She has helped many clients with computer issues. Her skills have been used over summers, holidays and weekends. Sometimes she has been paid. Sometimes she has not been paid. She loves helping others with their situations and especially if she can use her computer skills. Her exposure/experience with so much in this realm has afforded her the ability to approach a new situation without hesitation. Her confidence that she can create solutions propels her to dig in and do what needs to be done without help, usually.


In short, Emma has been active in the computer classroom as a leader for all her years here at Topeka High and has been involved with a number of internships in the community. She continues to be an asset to Topeka High School and those she has helped with their computer problems.