"Don't Drink the Water"
Date: September 22-24
Time: 7pm
Fee: $5 at the door or online here
"The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940"
Date: November 3-5
Time: 7pm
Fee: $5
Date: February 9-11
Time: 7pm
Fee: $5
"The Crucible"
Date: April 20-22
Time: 7pm
Fee: $5
Gregg Ratsloff
Derek Jensen
Geoffrey Kaufman







STAGECRAFT 1 and 2: trains students in basic stagecraft techniques of scenery design, construction and lighting. Can earn class credit by serving as a crew member for one or more productions and by attending/viewing the productions.
ACTING 1 and 2: builds on basic acting skills learned in theatre through improvisational acting, text analysis, and scripted acting. Attendance of school plays may be required.
AUDITION (for advanced only): enrollment of this course will be determined on results of prepared auditions. Students will learn techniques, build original works, and prerform a variety of different pieces in different settings.

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