There is a Spirit Week and a parade associated with this event. King and Queen are nominated by students. King and Queen are announcemened at the football game. After the Homecoming football game, students all grades are welcome to attend the Homecoming dance formal.

Semi Formal

All grades are allowed. Please dress accordingly.

Royalty of Courts

There is a Spirit Week associated with this event. After the Basketball game, students of all grade levels may dance. King and Queen are nominated by the students. Spirit week for games - Theme chosen by Student Government. There may be Hall Decorating. Wear casual clothing.


Tickets ($15) will be sold to upperclassmen (Juniors and Seniors). Formal Clothing is required. After-Prom will take place from 12 A.M. to 4 A.M. and will include games and chances to win fabulous prizes.


Upcoming Events

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Homecoming - September 22, 2017