Congrats Music Groups

It was a great day for THS Choirs and Band! If you see any of the following students, please tell them congratulations on a job well done!

Choir Results:

Ones: Madrigals. 80/80
3 Mad Women 80/80. Aja Gamble, Shaayli Walker, Amber Schmidt
Men’s Ensemble + One. 77/80
Freshman Choraliers 76/80
Chansonettes 75/80 (Directed by Angela Dake)
Paul Cabili
Paige Ratzloff
Amber Schmidt
Shaayli Walker
Psalm Babiera
Lyda Livgren

Peter Sandquist also received a One rating on his violin

Twos: Triple Treble Trio. (Directed by Angela Dake)
Mia Martinez
Emily Meade
Ashrae’Ana Cushinberry

Comments Only - Chris Carbon

Band Results:

Calvin Heit (sophomore) - clarinet solo
Nate Routsong (freshman) - snare solo
Sabrina Cathcart (senior) - marimba solo, timpani solo, and percussion quartet
Andrew Hodgkinson (junior) - flute solo and trio
Sam Mazas (junior) - flute solo and trio
Jesse Reed (senior) - flute trio
Rachel Stewart (senior) - marimba solo
Chris Wells (sophomore) - snare solo
Claire Kibbe (sophomore) - marimba solo
Josh Evans (sophomore) - tuba solo
Adreon Horn (senior) - snare solo
Riley Champney (junior) - percussion quartet
Robert Lewis (sophomore) - percussion quartet
Garran Evenson (sophomore) - percussion quartet

Abigail (Abby) Ludlum (freshman) - clarinet solo
Aja Bonjour (freshman) - snare solo (and 1 point from earning a superior)
Sydnee Bradley (junior) - trumpet solo
Kayden Matney (sophomore) - horn solo
Jordan Bond (freshman) - euphonium/baritone solo
Cody Sullivan (freshman) - sax quartet
Zach Stockton (freshman) - sax quartet
Ryleigh Atkinson (freshman) - sax quartet
Lucas Lindsay (freshman) - sax quartet
Knoll Smith (senior) - snare solo
Josephine (Joey) Smart (junior) - woodwind trio
Anna Brashear (sophomore) - woodwind trio
Zoe Stone (sophomore) - woodwind trio