Website Creators 2017

Matthew Johnstone

My name is Matthew Johnstone. I am the current webmaster for Topeka High. I have participated in drumline and debate/forensics all of high school. I will be attending K-state in the fall, going into their Computer Science engineering program.

Emma Hubka

My name is Emma Hubka. I am currently a Junior at Topeka High. My interests include dance and technology. I have been in computer classes since 8th grade, and I plan to go to college for Computer Science or Software Engineering.

Aidan McKay

My name is Aidan McKay. I am in my Junior year at Topeka High. My interests include soccer for club and for the school team. I am on the web team for the 2016-17 and I plan on going to Boston College for computer science and software engineering. In my spare time I play soccer and play videogames on my PlayStation.

Michael Welch

My name is Michael Welch. I am a junior at Topeka High. I am a Varsity wrestler and really enjoy writing code. I can program in about eight different computer languages and plan to go into college for Computer Science.

Jack Palmer

Hi, my name is Jack Palmer. I’m a senior and currently the Assistant Webmaster. I’ve been among Mrs.Hageman’s computer classes since I was a freshman. This year I was the captain of the school’s swim team, and also played golf for Topeka High in the Spring. Next year I plan to attend Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Where I intend to double major in Computer Science and Business Administration, while also being a part of the school’s swim team.

Justice West

My name is Justice West and I’m currently a senior at Topeka High. I’ve been on the web team for two years now, and it’s been so much fun. During the last three years, I have been a baton twirler, and a link crew leader. During the summer, I’m doing pre-requisites and getting my CNA that way next spring I can get my LPN before bridging over to Washburn University so I can get my RN.

William Loehr

I’m William Loehr and I am a Senior webteam member of the 2016-17 webteam. I have been in computer classes since freshman year and have enjoyed it immensely. My interests are the dankest of memes, tennis, and most of the internet. Also sometimes friends.

Riley Pfannenstiel

Hey, I’m Riley Pfannenstiel and I’m a Junior at Topeka High. I’ve been on the web team for two years, as well as Hageman’s Multimedia class freshman year. I’m usually swamped with homework, but other than that I enjoy spending time with my friends and doing various things ranging from playing baseball to video games to going sightseeing. I currently plan on going to college and then medical school to become a doctor.

Cedric Starks

I’m Cedric Starks, or perhaps you know me as William. I am a senior here at Topeka High, or at least I was at the time of writing this. This is my second year in a class with Mrs. Hageman although I wish I could have starter sooner. After high school, I plan on attending KU and majoring in computer science.

Caleb Skrzypek

My name is Caleb Skrzypek. I am very involved with activities at Topeka High, being one of the leaders of the Topeka High Drumline and playing for sports teams such as the Varsity Tennis team and Varsity Swimming team. I plan to go to Kansas State University and pursue a degree in civil engineering or construction science management.

Liberty Schumacher

My name is Liberty Schumacher. I’m a senior where I’ve been a part of the Topeka High Broadcast and the web team. I also attend Highland Park for the half day where I study Robotics and Principles of Engineering. I enjoy dancing, skating, trying new foods. I’ll be attending KU in the fall where I’ll be studying general engineering my first year and then civil or mechanical engineering.

Noah Bond

My name is Noah Bond. I am a Senior at Topeka High. I enjoy doing things and stuff.

Ben Thoeni

I’m Ben Thoeni. I am currently a junior. I participate in various school activities with my favorite and most time intensive one being debate and forensics.

Blaine Davis

My name is Blaine Davis. I am a senior. I am leader of the MALE group. I aspire to become a elementary school teacher.

Casey Chestnut

I’m Casey Chestnut. I am a junior at Topeka High School and a part of the Topeka High Web Team. I enjoy playing basketball, football, and video games in my free time. After I graduate, my future will include me going to college for a degree in either fire science, chemical engineer, or an accountant.

Chelsea Cole

My name is Chelsea Cole. I’m a full-time Topeka High junior, soon-to-be part-time cosmetology student, and a full-time nerd. I plan on going to Emporia to major in Computer Science in the spring of 2019.

Devin Burnett

My name is Devin Burnett. I am a Topeka High Junior. I am part of the Web Team at THS. My interests include everything evolved around technology, including Video Games. I plan to go to college after I graduate.

Duncan Gabel

I’m Duncan Gabel. I enjoy computers. In my future, I would like to be a Robotics or Electrical Engineer. I attend robotics club at Highland Park.

Kevin Bethea

I’m Kevin. I enjoy turtles, cycling, and coding. I go to Highland Park and study Robotics and Principles of Engineering. I’ve always loved engineering and plan on going to K-State and living in a house with a bunch of friends from my classes.

Perla Medina

My name is Perla Medina I am a Junior here at Topeka High School. I would love to be able to attend K-State. I’ve been in avid since my freshman year. My interest include art and makeup.

Mrs. Hageman

My name is Mrs.Hageman. I went to Lawrence High School and graduated from Bethany College with a B.A. in Mathematics Education. I have been a teacher at Topeka High since 1981, teaching computers most of the time. I have been married since 1981 and have two children and two granddaughters and one dog. Hobbies include spending time with my family, sewing, crocheting, gardening, and house plants.