Engineering and Applied Math
Engineering and Applied Math

The purpose of this pathway is to familiarize students with basic engineering concepts, the engineering design process and industrial robotic programming. Courses also includes practice and development of professional skills that will contribute to student success in the workplace. All coursework is designed to prepare students for future educational pursuits, but even more importantly, prepare them to successfully enter the workplace.

Sequence of Courses
Level Course Course # KCCMS # Credits
Introductory Integrated Computer Applications 2049 10004 0.5
Introductory Engineering Applications 5802 21002 0.5
Technical Principles of Engineering 5806 21004 1.0
Technical Introduction of Engineering Design 5808 21006 1.0
Technical Robotics 5781 21009 1.0
Application Advanced Automation Robotics 5782 21015 1.0
Application Computer Integrated Manufacturing 5820 21010 1.0
Application Project Management & Resource Scheduling 5816 21205 1.0