Medical and Health Professions
Medical and Health Professions

The purpose of this pathway is to introduce students to the vast realm of medical science concepts. In this career pathway, students will explore biomedical technologies, medical interventions, laboratory skills and safety procedures, proper application of scientific methodology, research skills, healthcare practices, interpersonal interactions, current research topics in medicine, and much more! Courses also include practice and development of professional communication skills and behaviors that will contribute to students’ future success in the workplace.

Sequence of Courses
Level Course Course # KCCMS # Credits
Introductory Integrated Computer Applications 2049 10004 0.5
Introductory Biology 5640 03051 1.0
Technical Engineering Applications 5802 21002 0.5
Technical AP Biology 5645 03056 1.0
Technical Human Anatomy & Physiology 5650 03053 1.0
Technical Principles of Biomedical Science 5810 14251 1.0
Technical Medical Interventions 5801 14105 1.0
Application Project Management & Resource Scheduling 5816 21205 1.0